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"I am thankful for this site and the great extension to our science.  The students can hardly wait until science time to see what we will do next.  I am in a multilevel class with 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades, even though the lessons are designed for the upper grades I find them very usable.  Thanks for what you do to make teaching more exciting and easier."
Beverly R. - Teacher Springfield, MO

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Monday Morning Science Blast

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Science must be interesting and practical and best learned through hands-on experiences!

Renowned science teacher and author of Every Friday, Dan Wyrick has compiled lesson plans and interactive science labs to assist you with even the most difficult students. 

All instruction is simply given to keep young minds motivated and eager to learn.  Experts agree, students learn far more readily when they are having fun. 

Professional teachers  from all over agree that Monday Morning Science Blast is a wonderful tool!

"I teach multi-grade 2-4 and don't see any reason to keep this kind of science from them.  They will really enjoy tomorrow's lesson.  I can just imagine the excitement.  Now, to get to the hardware store!"
Claude B. - Principal/Teacher Windsor, Ontario Canada

"You absolutely have to use these one class period labs.   The students love them and get excited about science.  It has made my science classes the most fun class of the day.  The kids want more Science Blasts!"
 Steve D. - Teacher grade 7, Lodi, California

"Thanks for sharing your time and knowledge with us.  these "Monday Morning"
science activities are fun f or both the teach and the students.  I teach grades 2-3.  My wife teaches 7-8."
Dale L. - Teacher Lawai, Hawaii

"Dan, What a great idea!  I already downloaded your Food Tools science blast.  It will work perfectly with my science unit on animal families."
Audie S. - Teacher Lodi, California

"Dear Dan, Thank you for the Monday Morning Science Blast.  I regularly open your plans. I used and really like the one with the coins and the tooth picks.  The students enjoyed working in groups and measuring, recording and comparing.
I teach in a one teacher school in Arizona.  I am not a very adventurous science teacher so your lessons are a welcomed asset to our curriculum.  Since I teach alone it is very nice to find some professional staff who willing shares ideas.  I feel less alone.  Thanks again."

Joanne F. - Teacher grades 2,3,4 & 8  Arizona

"I can't thank you enough for what you do!  You need to put these in a book and sell them!  We are so blessed to have you do this! I haven't used them all yet, but the ones I've used are terrific, and I have them all in a file!  May God continue to bless you and what you are doing for students and those of us that are teachers that are able to use your material!...The science blast is loved by all of the students & the teacher (me)!"
Danielle B. - Teacher grade 4-6 Conroe, Texas

"This service is a wonderful thing that you are doing!!"
Georgine H. - Principal Crescent City, California

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"Thanks Dan,  I am loving these Monday Morning Science Blasts.  They have really boosted my science activities and I am no longer worrying if the activities "fit" with anything else.  What freedom!"
Cheryl T. - Teacher Keene, Texas

"Teacher Dan,
I am having a great time downloading and  printing your Monday Morning series for my wife, Patsy.  I also round up the material and usually help present them.  She really enjoyed your workshop in Texas recently and now I get to see some of the reasons why.  I just wish that I could have sat in on it live.  Thank you & keep it coming!"
Nathan & Patsy S. - Teacher & Spouse, Waco, Texas

"Dan, Thank you for the great ideas!  I've signed up and hope to be able to utilize this great service...Thanks for all you do!"
Susan N. - Teacher/Principal San Marcos, Texas

"Dan, My class and I are enjoying Science Blast.  Thank you."
Char N. - Teacher 5-6 grade Orangevale, California

"Dear Teacher Dan,  My students love the experiments you send our way.  It certainly saves me a lot of prep time using them!  "
Susan A. - Teacher grades 1-3, Stoneham, Massachusetts

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